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About Us

About United Way!!

United Way ( ...) with the kind and generous efforts of people is helping the poor and undeveloped part of the society and by solving the unemployment problems of the world. Manav mukti trust is trying To promote the harmonious development of the society and to solve the problems of the people like education, unemployment, Environmental problems, heal problems etc.

Our trust believes in charity and is trying to help poor people by building hospitals, scholarship, old age recreation home, orphanage etc. our trust economically backward children think their all round development. Our trust trying to tackle the financial problems of the poor people for curing chronic diseases like cancer, kidney failure, heart attacks, etc.

Our trusts believe in using technologies delivered in sustainable environment. our trust gives the financial sustain ability and stability to the people an d support people to live independently to deliver integrated care.

It is a charitable trust, a social welfare organization with a mission to help the poor and the needful all over India and abroad as well.

Presently Working On

We are making Global Samaj Supporting Unemployed Youth. Kidney, Cancer.
Helping poor and needy people. Supporting Charitable School. Charitable Passenger Vehicle. Financially Freedom.

We help you to unlock & unleash the power
within your large scale people